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Game designer: Vincent Andriessen

Publisher: White Goblin Games

BoardGameGeek: Qubo


Game rules

Try to form a number of squares and rectangles as fast as possible and be the first player who reaches 10 points. Qubo seems easy at first, but can be pretty difficult with your opponents always interfering your plan. In your turn, you place or move a card in the play area. Try to form the figures before your opponents are aware of your plan! 


1. Each player chooses a color and takes the corresponding starting card. 

2. Shuffle the cards and deal each player 4 cards face down. You take the cards into your hand without showing these to the other players. 

3. Form a face-down deck of the remaining cards. 

4. Reveal 1 card from the face-down deck and place it open in the middle of the table. 

5. The youngest player is the starting player. 

Aim of the game

In Qubo, players perform their turns in clockwise order. In your turn, you place a card in the play area to form as many squares and rectangles as possible. The game ends when one of the players reaches 10 points or when the last card from the draw pile is drawn. 

You can score points for 3 types of shapes in your player color: 

Square small - 1 point 

Rectangle - 2 points 

Square large - 3 points 

A card has a maximum of 4 color areas. You can form a square or rectangle by placing the cards and color block adjacent to each other. For example, a large square can be formed by placing 2 or 4 cards next to each other. 


Beginning with the starting player and going clockwise around the table, players will take turns until the game has ended. 

In your turn, you can perform 1 of the following 2 actions: 


Place a card from your hand in the playing area adjacent to at least one other card in the playing area. 


Place a card from your hand in the playing area so that at least 1 side is adjacent to the side of at least 1 other card. All sides adjacent to another card must match in color. 


You may move a card in the play area. You may only move a card if it is not part of a square or rectangle. You must move the card and you can not only turn the card. 

After your turn, you fill up your hand to 4 cards. If you can't or won't perform 1 of the 2 actions, you may pass. Discard a card from your hand and take a new card from the deck. 


The game ends immediately when a player reaches 10 points or more. That player wins the game. 

The end of the game is also activated when a player takes the last card from the draw pile. The round is finished and the player at the right of the startplayer may perfom his turn as last. All players tally their points. 

The player with the most points wins the game. If there is a tie, the tying player with the most large squares wins. If there is still a tie, the tying players share victory. 

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